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On Thursday’s at 6:40pm we TRAIN ladies! And we don’t train like the average woman does.

The average woman stays home on Fridays, because that’s when The Kardashians is on. And that’s too bad, because real inspiration won’t come from the couch watching Kim do 100 crunches.

Average women don’t deadlift 100kg off the ground.  But they could.  Do you think those women get osteoporosis?

Average women don’t drip sweat and make sweat angels on the ground as a group and high five each other for giving all they’ve got.  But they could.  Do you think those women beam with pride after their workouts?

Average women don’t chalk up; don’t drop barbells with weight; don’t do pull-ups and muscle-ups.  But they could.  Do you think those women feel strong?  Confident? Powerful?



We think every woman is born to be more than average, we think every woman is capable of being more and doing more with their fitness, which provides more power, pride and confidence in every aspect of LIFE!

STRONG SQUAD is definitely a group for women only: it’s very social, very upbeat, very friendly.

Strong Squad women challenge the stereotypical “woman’s workout”: there are no tricep kickbacks, no pink-covered dumbbells, no checking your active wear is on point. Just a group of ladies getting together each week to get seriously fit and have lots of fun along the way.


Real fitness results and fat loss requires more than sitting on a spin bike lifting 2kg dumbbells! Peel away the lycra and bass track, and most “classes” for women have no value. That’s a strong statement, but we’re making it from a gym full of strong, lean/toned and seriously fit women.

A woman who can lift 100kg from the floor isn’t scared to shovel dirt and move a 50kg wheel barrow. She isn’t afraid to fight off an attacker, or help move furniture.

The only reason women don’t lift weights the same way as men is fear. They’re scared of “gaining muscle,” getting bulky, appearing “big.” But we’ve shown, through research and almost 15 years of practice, that it’s simply not true.

Time and time again science has shown that the best way to improve your Resting Metabolic Rate is to LIFT WEIGHTS. Remember this: there is no workout that will burn more calories than your RMR (calories burned by the total of the bodies metabolic processes). So, increasing your RMR is the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY when embarking on a fat loss program. Therefore, for FAT LOSS you’ve got to LIFT WEIGHTS!!!

Strong Squad is based on methods that will produce maximum lactic acid build-up through the use of BIG movements. These big movements activate the major FAT LOSS hormones IGF-1, testosterone and Human Growth Hormone. Not to mention, they add another dimension to your training and ultimately SHOCK your body into blasting body fat and getting toned.


Each session will have a strength focus through lifting barbells and gymnastics, which is tailored to your current level of fitness. Fitness newbies to elite athletes are encouraged to come and be part of our Strong Squad.

Variety is such an important part of staying motivated with your fitness, we can’t wait to help you set new performance goals and most importantly help you achieve them, taking your fitness and body to a level you never thought possible.

The muscle up used to be one of Teddy’s goals, she never dreamed she would get one. Now she can do them super slow, which requires a serious amount of strength.  Sarah and Teddy want to challenge you with what you think you are capable of and get you there.


Because they’ve helped 100’s of ladies do it and Teddy has changed her own life through fitness. Take your results to a level you never thought possible.



The next Secret Girls Business starts 9th of Feb 2017, CLICK HERE to REGISTER


Terms & Conditions: No refunds, no make up sessions. Must be a member of Function Well. 






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