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Improve Digestion, to optimize health.

Here are four steps to improve your digestion:

1. Establish food intolerances.

Is the number one thing you can do, particularly if there are any stomach issues present. It’s common these days for many people to suffer from some form of digestive distress, commonly due to food allergies. Continuing to consume foods that you have an allergy to can affect your overall health.

Some of the possible symptoms include: irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, fatigue, eczema, ear infections, sinusitis, arthritis, skin irritations and attention deficit disorder

There are 2 ways you can go about establishing food intolerances:

Food Intolerance Test. One of the most valuable investments you can make is a food allergy test. Allergy testing is useful for almost anyone who is looking to optimize health, often people are not aware how much certain foods are affecting them until eliminated. There are many forms of food allergy testing,  we only recommend blood test that looks at the IgG and IgE antibodies. This test can be done here at function well with one of our onsite Naturopaths.

Keep a food diary.  Keeping a food diary is the first step to implementing an elimination and reintroduction diet, which is an excellent way to determine allergies but it takes time, discipline and being in tune with you body.

2. Drink more water. One of the primary causes of constipation is insufficient water intake. The issue with constipation is that it fosters an imbalance of bacteria, causing inflammation of the lining of the intestines.

3. Consume more fiber. Fiber is important for many reasons in particular digestion to help food move through the digestive tract helping prevent many digestive disorders.

4. Take a probiotic. Probiotics are the good guys, these are the naturally occurring probiotics in the gastrointestinal tract and destroy harmful bacteria, improve bowel movements and aid digestion.

  • Great for follow up after antibiotics
  • Can improve IBS symptoms
  • Can be used after colonoscopy, diarrhea
  • May help with cold sores
  • Boosts immune system
  • 1 capsule of ProFlora Excellence = 22 yogurts
  • NCFM creates lactase to help digestion of lactose
  • New research also shows that probiotic supplementation may decrease cold and flu symptoms

Probiotics are a supplement that must be of a high quality. Not all probiotics are created equal – Most products state their potency by time of manufacture, not at time of expiration. Probiotics are notorious for dramatic die-off which is why we only stock probiotics of bacteria strains guaranteed at expiration.




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