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Program of the Month – September

September Program of the Month is brought to you by Performance Coach Teodora Sklayne!



The EMOM Strength

September Function Well Program of the Month is focusing on how to build strength efficiently while keeping volume in your workouts. This will get you fitter and stronger at the same time.

In the training program, you will find EMOM workouts, which stands for Every Minute on the Minute – the rest is brief and weights relatively heavy, which helps to keep your heartrate up while still gaining strength. The structure of EMOM workouts are straightforward and can be scaled to suit every fitness level, from beginners right through to advanced athletes. It includes big movements such as Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, etc. and usually lasts 10 to 20 minutes.

How to do an EMOM Workout: You set a timer, then on each scheduled minute, perform the exercise. You then rest for the remainder of each minute. When the second minute starts you do the exercise again. In 10 minutes, you will complete 10 sets and the incentive of the workout is – the faster you finish each set, the more rest you get. Please chose your weights carefully to maintain good form throughout all sets. It is advisable first 3-4 sets are more if a warm-up weight and you build to heavy 3-4 sets in the end.

You will find in the training schedule the EMOM as your strength component at the beginning of your workout, followed by higher volume assistance exercises to keep your body functionally balanced. We finish with a metabolic conditioning part which aims to get you fit and lean. Record the met cons and try to improve each time.

Weekly Schedule

Monday               5:30am Met Con/6pm HIIT

Tuesday               Leg Day

Wednesday       Upper Body Day

Thursday             Restoration Zone Therapy

Friday                   Full Body Day

Saturday              Met Con/ Stretch Therapy

Sunday                 Outdoor Activity Day


Written by Performance Coach Teodora Sklayne

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