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Program of the Month – October


Increasing your resting metabolic rate to drop fat and build lean muscle

 As you all know there is no bout of cardio that can burn more calories than your Resting Metabolic Rate, and the best way to increase your BMR is to add extra muscle to your body. For this reason, the focus for October’s program is to increase Skeletal Muscle mass with the goal of improving overall body composition.

Often when we have a specific goal in mind we can tend to stick to more of the big ‘bang for you buck’ movements and neglect the other exercises that will keep us structurally sound and injury free. For this reason this month I have included these exercises in the warmup routine to be completed before each strength session, this will ensure we are completely prepped for the session ahead and also so we aren’t leaving these important movements out of our weekly routine.

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By Performance Coach Eamon Brownlie


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