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Program of the Month – November

November Program of the Month ā€“ Dense Strength


These dense strength programs are all about keeping you honest. One factor impeding progress for many gym goers is their ability to take regulated rest intervals between sets. One week they may perform four sets of a given exercise in ten minutes while the next week it may take them fifteen minutes to perform the same workload with exactly the same weight.

The idea behind these programs is to perform good quality reps in a specific time frame and improve that effort in the following weeks. Most of the programs focus on performing a given number of repetitions Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM). Set an interval timer or watch to countdown from 60 seconds. Perform the given number of reps in that minute. Rest until the minute is over. When the timer hits zero, start the next set. Simple. These programs are really effective for people who are time poor, or who struggle to be disciplined with their own training.

In the warm-up section of each day there are some mobility and activation exercises to complete in order to prime the body for the big compound movements that are to follow. There are also some volume sets to be done after the EMOM rounds, which have their own specific rest time indications.

Train hard and have fun!

Weekly Schedule

Monday Dense Strength 1
Tuesday Dense Strength 2
Wednesday Restoration Zone Yoga
Thursday EST or HIIT
Friday Dense Strength 3
Saturday Met Con/ Stretch Therapy
Sunday Fun Day


Written by Performance Coach
Nathan Barrett
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