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Program of the Month – May

May’s Program of the Month is brought to you by Performance Coach Josh McGarry

The below program includes one session focussed on the lower body and one session focused on the upper body.

I base all my sessions on 5 minute blocks of work, with each session below totalling 50 minutes of work. The blocks can be adjusted as required. For example, if you only have 25 minutes and wanted to get some strength work done you could do the following;

  • Mobility/skill – 5mins, Core lifts – 15mins, mobility & stretching

The session incorporates a mobility block that will get you ready for you session and help to improve your posterior chain flexibility and everyday movements.

The core lifts are the strength block of the program where the focus will be on compound movements or regressions of the compound movements depending on your current level. All core lifts will be done using the dense strength method with sets done on every minute. For example, set one starts on 0 do 5 reps, rest, then set 2 will start on 1:00, set 3 on 2:00, set 4 3:00, set 5 on 4:00 etc.

The work capacity block includes accessory exercises that supplement the core lifts. It is done in a higher rep, circuit style to activate hypertrophy and get a bit of a sweat on.

The mobility section at the end is a chance to relax, focus on any tight areas and down regulate the nervous system before you head off to work or head home to your family.

If you have any questions about the program or any of the movements feel free to contact me.

By Performance Coach Josh McGarry

0432 573 500

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