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Program of the Month – March

March Program of the Month is brought to you by Performance Coach Eamon Brownlie!


This month’s program is structured around training the big lifts multiple times a week, with the goal to improve efficiency of movement patterns and gain overall strength. Over a duration of 4 weeks + deload, this program is suitable for both beginner and intermediate levels.

In this program, rather than focussing on one particular strength protocol for a phase of training, you will break your next 4 weeks into 4 days per week, each day having a specific focus. For 3 of these days you will Squat, Bench and Deadlift, and on the 4th you will complete accessory work.

Each of the 3 big lifts has a Strength, Functional Hypertrophy and Hypertrophy focus on individual days and it is important to work hard in the allocated rep ranges. Start at a weight that feels like an 8 out of 10 and once you are able to complete the top end of the rep range with a weight add additional weight and reset to the lower end of the rep range.

Example Training Week:

Monday – Day 1

Tuesday – Rest -Yoga/Steam/Mobility 

Wednesday Day 2

Thursday – Rest -Yoga/Steam/Mobility 

Friday Day 3 

Saturday – Day 4 Accessory 

Sunday – Rest 

Training Program:


Written by Performance Coach Eamon Brownlie

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