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Program of the Month – June

June Program of the Month is brought to you by Performance Coach Teddy Sklayne!



The 45min Strength and Conditioning

Have you been saying how you don’t have time to come to the gym?

June Function Well Program of the Month will help you to get all your strength and conditioning in just 45 minutes.

Focusing on big fundamental moves and full body workouts, you can get great results with short workouts. The AMRAP base of the workouts (As Many Rounds As Possible) is going to help you to fit within the time and aim to be more efficient. Make sure you focus on good form and control in each of the movements.

Rep range

Repetitions will usually be expressed in a range. Matching the weight, you use to the rep range is essential to getting the desired effect from the programme. Your repetitions should fall inside the range for the total number of sets for that exercise. If you miss the reps by 3 or 4, the weight is too heavy. If you can easily complete the reps for all sets, use a heavier weight. To make progress you should always be trying to up the weight you are using as long as you maintain safe technique.


The tempo outlines the speed of each exercise. Every exercise has 4 phases to it: the lowering, time between lowering and lifting, lifting and time between lifting and lowering. If we use the example of a bench press at a 4010 tempo, in this case you lower the bar to your chest for 4 seconds and lift the weight for 1 second. If we look at another example in this case a seated cable row at a 3011 tempo, in this instance you release the cable from your chest to towards the machine for 3 seconds, immediately pull the handle back to your chest for 1 second, then finally pause with the handle on your chest for 1 second. What you need to remember with the tempo of each movement is that you should be lowering the weight at a slower speed than you lift it.


Click here for a FULL PRINT-OUT version of the Program of the Month!


Weekly Schedule

Monday    45min Full Body 1

Tuesday    45min Met Con

Wednesday    45min Full Body 2

Thursday    45min Met Con or HIIT

Friday        45min Full Body 3

Saturday    Stretch Therapy

Sunday        Fun Day


Written by Performance Coach Teddy Sklayne

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