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Program of the Month – January

January Program of the Month is brought to you by Performance Coach Nathan Barrett!


Nate has written January’s Program of the Month to give you the most bang for your buck when you’re in the gym over the New Year. If you can manage, aim for at least three training days to keep yourself feeling great kicking off 2018!

We start off with a relatively heavy load at the beginning of the circuit, then decrease the load and increase movement speed as the circuit unfolds (and fatigue sets in). Perform each 4 or 5 exercise sequence in a circuit, completing the required reps and timings as quickly as possible.

These circuits will challenge your strength and cardiovascular endurance so it is imperative that you rest 3 minutes between each round to allow significant recovery. After performing the mobility sequence,  perform 3-4 rounds of the A circuit, before moving on to the B circuit. There is also a little finisher at the end of each session as my little gift to you.

Weekly Schedule

Monday Program 1

Tuesday EST or HIIT

Wednesday Program 2

Thursday Restoration Zone Yoga

Friday Program 3

Saturday Met Con/ Stretch Therapy

Sunday – Rest



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