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Program of the Month – February

February Program of the Month is brought to you by Performance Coach Sarah Upton!

2 Day Strength + Fat Loss Program – Upper/Lower

The following program is a basic upper-lower body program split into 2 days which can be done by most gym goers. The focus is on lifting weights to not only improve your strength but to help you burn unwanted body fat.


In this program there are 2 weights sessions which will be done on separate days. Below you will see an example of a recommended 5-day training week. How many times you train in one week will vary depending on your lifestyle, work schedule, your level of experience and your body’s recovery. With this 2-day program there is some room for flexibility with how many days you train, but I recommend at least 3-4 days to see some good results. Pay close attention to your body’s recovery and make sure that you are implementing restoration protocols.

Example Training Week:

Restoration Zone Weights 1 EST/HIIT Walk/Run Outside Weights 2 Restoration Zone Met-con



Going through a comprehensive warm up is important when coming in the gym (especially if you know you are more prone to injury or if you have trouble areas).

  • 5 minutes on the cross trainer at a medium pace
  • Foam roll/trigger point trouble
  • Then complete 2-3 rounds of;
    • 30 -60 seconds x deep squt hold
    • 5 x walkouts
    • 10 x glute bridges
    • 5 x hip stretch each side
    • 30-60 seconds passive hang/active scap-pull ups



Work these sessions in around Function Well Classes that you can attend. Focus on lifting with the correct technique on all exercises and challenging yourself with the heaviest weight you can lift for said number of reps.

sets reps rest
Day 1 – Lower Body
A1 Back Squat 4 6-8 60 sec
B1 Sumo Kettlebell Deadlift 3 8-10 30 sec
B2 Goblet Reverse Lunge 3 8-10 each leg 30sec
C1 Back Extension 3 10-15
C2. Single Leg Hip Extension 3 10 each leg 30 sec
FINSIHER 2 minute Skierg; As many calories as possible
Day 2 – Upper Body
A1 Barbell Strict Press 4 6-8 60 sec
B1 Pull-Up 3 8-10 30 sec
B2 Machine Chest Press 3 8-10 30 sec
C1 Handstand Hold/Feet on Box 3 Max time
C2. Ring Rows 3 10-15 30 sec
FINISHER 2 minute prowler: As many laps as possible (extra weight optional)


For a free consultation and technique assessment please contact Sarah.


Written by Performance Coach Sarah Upton

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