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Program of the Month – April

April’s Program of the Month is brought to you by Performance Coach Stephen Coombe

This is Stephen Coombe’s strength program.

Often our schedules make it tough to get into the gym on the days we want to. Therefore, this is my time efficient strength program that allows you to focus on specific muscle groups throughout the week, on the days you want. We have an upper and a lower body program that can be done in consecutive days with one another whole body day that is to be completed after, at least, one days rest. This program includes some advanced lifting movements, that include BB back squats and BB Deadlifts, if you are unfamiliar with these lifts, are not confident lifting heavy loads or have any pre-existing injuries, then please see me in the gym and I will be happy to supply you with some alternative options that will be safe for you. When we are lifting heavy it is important to ensure that our technique is spot on, as to avoid developing any poor movement patterns that can lead to injuries.

To keep yourself injury free triggering and warming up before every session is essential. You cannot expect yourself to lift well if you cannot move well beforehand. Therefore before every session take ten minutes and focus on using the rollers, trigger balls and stretch bands available to you in the warm up area. From there go through your warm up circuit, as all the programs should only take 30-45min to complete, so use the remainder of your hour to ensure you are appropriately ready for the workout.
After the workout is complete then there is a suggested stretch down the bottom of the program, that is their to help your hip mobility. Take the time after the workout to stretch out as it will help avoid excess soreness the next day and it is another chance to work on your mobility. Please, if you have any questions on the exercises please ask me in the gym, my door is always open for those who want to better themselves.

By Performance Coach Stephen Coombe

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