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Program of the Month – January

January Program of the Month is going back to basics.


In the fitness industry there are plenty of fads that come and go. There is however fundamental exercises and principles that stand the test of time. They stand the test of time because they work. Stick to the big bang for your buck fundamental movements, don’t over complicate your training program and you can expect amazing results. 

The well-known 5×5 (five sets of five) program is a standard training regimen that has been tried and tested over the years and is hard to beat.

With all of the thousands of training regimens to choose from the 5×5 program remains as one of the most effective programs for increasing strength and muscle at that same time. It has just the right amount of intensity and volume to build strength and size without inducing burnout and over-training.

In addition we are applying a concept called cluster training to the 5×5 regimen to boost your gymnastics and barbell strength, you will see significant improvement in your pull ups, dips and barbell lifts. I learnt about cluster training in Charles Poliquins Strength and Conditioning Qualification and it has changed my life. I went from 2-3 chin ups to 5 consecutive chin ups in 4 weeks!

Cluster training is essentially a combination of rest, pause training and standard training.

How it works is – you take 80-90% of your one-rep max and do one rep. Wait 10-15 seconds, and do another rep. Keep going until you have completed 5 reps in the rest, pause fashion.

For example if you can already do 1-2 pull ups, do 1 pull up, rest 15 seconds, do another one and go on until you’ve done 5 in total – that’s 1 set done. Rest 3 minutes and go again. If you have 5 pulls or more, you can add weight to increase strength. If you don’t have a pull up yet, then slow controlled negative reps with the same rest to work ratio is the way to go.

Each sequence of repetitions equals one set. Thus to apply this concept to the 5×5 protocol, you would do five sets of five rest pause sets with 3 min rest in between.


Weekly Schedule

Monday               5×5 Barbell Strength and Cluster 1

Tuesday               EST or HIIT

Wednesday       5×5 Barbell Strength

Thursday             Restoration Zone Therapy

Friday                   5×5 Barbell Strength and Cluster 2

Saturday              Met Con/ Stretch Therapy

Sunday                 Fun Day


Click on the below image to view and print the Program of the Month.


Written by Performance Coach

Teddy Sklayne

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