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Program of the Month – September

September Program of the Month is brought to you by Performance Coach Chris Muckert!



Train Smart….Feel Good….Feel Strong!

I’m showing my age here but I remember I started following a trainer from the States who was a neurophysiologist by the name of Chad Waterbury in 2004. I had spent a lot of my teenage years lifting trying to get Bigger and Stronger by training to fatigue for every set and every session. I soon found out, after numerous injuries this wasn’t the right way to keep myself from being injured. In Chad’s Methods for Hypertrophy he speaks about using larger loads of your 1rm (80%) for many sets (8-10) for 3-4 reps. This method allows you to recruit more high-threshold motor units and because the sets are short (<8 seconds) and muscular failure isn’t achieved, maximum speed can be maintained throughout every set. I started to use this method and found that it was a great way to manage fatigue and kept me motivated. The rest of the workout volume when using this method is generally around 4 sets of 6 reps which is at the bottom end of maximum hypertrophy but it is low volume to avoid excess fatigue which will help you recover for the next workout. Make sure you stick to the nominated rest periods. A good example of when you should be completing the next set of your 4 x 6 supersets is that your muscles shouldn’t feel fully recovered before you lift again.


This Program is a 3 day Full Body program with each workout having at least 48 hours in between. Before completing this 4 week program use the inbody machine so you can retest how much fat you lose and how much muscle you put on in a month! Remember if you can’t see your targets how are you supposed to hit them!


Below is a weekly schedule on how to complete this particular program, including what to do on the days off.


Week 1 Loading: 80% of 1RM or a load you can lift for 6 perfect reps

Weeks 1-4 Tempo: 10X (one second eccentric or lowering; no pause; concentric or lifting action as fast as possible)

Day 1

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A Barbell Back Squat 10 3 1 min.
B1 Dip 4 6
B2 Bent-Over Barbell or Dumbbell Row 4 6 2 min.
C1 Ezy bar Skull Crusher 4 6
C2 Standing Barbell Bicep Curl 4 6 1 min.
D Hanging Leg Raise 4 10 1 min.


Day 2

15-20 minutes of medium intensity either Jogging/Rower/Bike/Skillmill Incline walk


Day 3

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press 10 3 1 min.
B1 Rack Deadlift 4 6
B2 Standing Barbell Military Press 4 6 1 min.
C1 Standing Ham curl machine 4 6
C2 Ng Pulldown 4 6 1 min.
D Triceps Pressdown (or French Press) 4 10 1 min.


Day 4

Yoga or Restoration zone for Steam/Sauna


Day 5

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A Chin-Up * 10 3 1 min.
B1 Decline Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press 4 6
B2 Glute/Ham Raise or Leg Curl 4 6 1 min.
C1 Standing Hammer curl 4 6
C2 Lunge or Step-Up * * 4 6 e/leg 1 min.
D Db Standing calf raises 4 10 1 min.

* Chin-Up – Utilize a supinated (palms up), shoulder-width hand grip
* * Lunge or Step-Up – No rest between legs


Day 6

Metcon or HIIT Class


Day 7 




Once you’ve finished the first week of the program, the loading on all sets of your first exercise (A1) must be increased. Here’s how it all breaks down:

Week 2: 82.5% of 1RM for all lifts
Week 3: 85% of 1RM for all lifts
Week 4: 87.5% of 1RM for all lifts

Good Luck and if you need any help or suggestions please come and ask.

Cheers Chris.


Chris Muckert





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