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Program of the Month – March

March Program of the Month is brought to you by Performance Coach Brad Munro!



This month I’ve put together two programs for when you are strapped for time and need some bang for your buck sessions. These sessions can be pumped out in under 30 minutes and you can then get back to work, go pick up the kids or have a quick session before a night out.  These have often been Kel and my go to programs since having the kids and working full time!


Workout 1

Part A

My 1st work out is a EMOM which means that you start a set at the beginning of each minute (every minute on the minute). The weight you will use is about 70-75 % of your 1 rep max or if you are unsure of this use a more heavy weight and you can taper this back if need be.

You will perform 4 reps of the exercise prescribed for that minute on the minute

If at one point you can’t do the 4 reps unbroken, you can rest 10-15 seconds and finish it…….. it just gives you less rest before the next minute starts! Each minute you do a different exercise.


Option A

Minute 1 = 4 BB Back Squats

Minute 2 = 4 BB Bench Press

Minute 3 = 4 BB Deadlifts


Repeat until the 21 minutes is up. 7 sets of each ex.


Another option for the same EMOM is

Option B

Minute 1 = BB Front Squat

Minute 2 = Chin up/weighted pull up

Minute 3 = BB Military Press


Dumbells could always be another option if equipment is a issue or compound movements are not your go.


Option C  Repeat until the 28 minutes is up. 8 sets of each ex.

Minute 1 DB Clean & Press

Minute 2 DB Front Squat

Minute 3 DB Row

Minute 4 DB Floor Press


Workout 2

Now if the above is not the type of session you are after (strength) maybe this killer conditioning option maybe a better fit. These sessions can be done to suit in regards to adding weight or resistance.


30 sec Airdyne

30 sec Rest

30 sec Rower


20 sec Airdyne

20 sec Rest

20 sec Rower


10 sec Airdyne

10 sec Rest

10 sec Rower


20 sec Airdyne

20 sec Rest

20 sec Rower


30 sec Airdyne

30 sec Rest

30 sec Rower


Rest 2 min, repeat !


Alternately other equipment can be swapped in to get the same workout ie. Prowler and ski erg. Bike erg and sprints. Options a plenty.

Please remember these are options for when you are short on time and should not be replaced by periodized programs or classes from our expert coaches.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to shout out.



Coach Brad.


Brad Munro

0435 153 343


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