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Program of the Month – April

April Program of the Month is brought to you by Performance Coach Sam Butterworth!



This months program of the month is a full body strength program, primarily focusing on increasing base level strength through the powerlifting movements, Squat Bench and Deadlift.

If you have had some time off from the gym or are coming off an intense training block then the high volume and lighter load of this program is the perfect step to get to get back under the bar. The goal is to develop a strong work capacity and hypertrophy base through lower percentages to prepare the body for higher intensities that may follow. The sub maximal weights will also help to cultivate technical perfection, so this is also a good program to boost confidence for more beginner lifters who may not be comfortable with the BIG 3 lifts.

For the core lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift) you will begin the first week lifting at 60-65% of your current 1RM, and from here looking to add approximately 5-10kg each week on the Squat and Deadlift and 2.5-7.5kg on the Bench Press, depending on your level of progression

If you do not know you current 1 rep maximum that is completely fine and instead I suggest choosing a load where you will have 2 reps in reserve at the end of each set. This will allow you to progress comfortably week to week.

You will complete four full body days involving high exercise variation to develop general skills and strength in multiple ranges. The outline for these days is as follows


DAY 1 – Primary Squat and Accessories

DAY 2 – Primary Bench and Upper Body Accessories

DAY 3 – Primary Deadlift and Lower Body Accessories

DAY 4 – Full Body


I would also recommend incorporating a class from the Yang FW timetable once per week to maintain aerobic capacity, EST or HIIT would be a good option as this will not interfere too much with recovery from the strength sessions.

See below for program days in full detail. If you need any assistance with the April P.O.M don’t hesitate to grab me on the gym floor or email to see how we can make it work best for your current Health and Fitness goals and ability.



Barbell Back Squat A1 4 8 60-65% 30X1 90-120s
Barbell Overhead Press B1 3 8-10 30X1 90s
DB Romanian Deadlift C1 3 10-12 30X1 0s
DB Split Squat C2 3 10-12 30X1 60s
Pushup Hold D1 4 30s 15s



Barbell Bench Press A1 4 8 60-65% 30X1 90-120s
Flat Dumbbell Bench Press B1 3 8-10 30X1 0s
Cable Seated Row B2 3 10-12 31X1 90s
Lat Pulldown – Reverse Grip C1 3 12 31X1 90s
Rope Facepull D1 3 15 31X1 0s
Zottman Curl D2 3 15 21X1 60s



Barbell Deadlift A1 4 8 60-65% 30X1 90-120s
Barbell Front Squat B1 3 8-10 30X1 90s
45 Deg Back Extension C1 3 10-12 31X1 90s
Reverse Hyper D1 3 12 31X1 0s
Lying Leg Curl D2 3 12 31X1 90s



2ct Paused Back Squat A1 4 8 60-65% 30X1 90-120s
Close Grip Bench Press B1 4 8-10 30X1 0s
Chinup B2 4 Max 31X1 90s
Single Leg Leg Press C1 3 12 31X1 0s
Dumbbell Ext Rotation C2 3 15 31X1 90s
Side Hold D1 3 30s es 0


By Performance Coach Sam Butterworth


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