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Legendary Clients of the Month – September

Congratulations to Amber & Wendy Wu!


I am very happy to nominate sisters Amber and Wendy as September’s Legend(s) of the month. Since Amber and Wendy started training with me approximately 9 months ago they have consistently put the work in with their training and nutrition to achieve outstanding results. These girls have lost 21-23kg each equalling 13.5% and 17.5% total body fat.

Before training with me at Function Well Amber and Wendy did not have much knowledge about what to do in the gym and what to eat to lose the weight that they needed to. They have since listened, learnt and applied everything that I have given them. They have quietly come in to the gym 4-7 days per week consistently and have worked hard to get to where they are now. These girls could have been ‘legends of the month’ any month of the year but now is a good time to recognise the hard work they have put in.

Their program has been designed around strength and conditioning and their nutrition planned around building a healthier lifestyle and losing weight at a suitable pace. The end goal for health, longevity and a new found sense of confidence means a few more kilo’s lost and is still in the days to come. Watch this space and see where these girls take their training as I know they will achieve anything they set their mind to. Congratulations Amber and Wendy on your hard work and dedication!


Written by Performance Coach Sarah Upton


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