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Legend of the Month – November

Congratulations to our November Legend of the Month – Darren Thompson

Massive congrats to big Daz for being our November Legend of the Month.

I first met Darren around 16 years ago when I was starting my PT career at Fitness First. At this time Darren was a soldier in the army, my memories of him was this super fit lunatic, who would come into the gym and take himself to the hurt box often, I can still seeing him sprinting on the treadmill like a mad man…….I mean that in a nice way Daz.

I hadn’t seen Daz in probably 7 or so years until he walked into the gym, I didn’t recognise him at all initially. Like many returned soldiers Darren has had a lot of injuries and other things to deal with, which had impacted his health and some additional weight gain.

Darren initially lost weight and started to get back into his training routine again, however it has been challenging with Darren’s work requiring frequent deployment all around the world for him to regain his health and fitness of former years. That was up until this year when he made a career change and has hit the books studying, despite being super busy with his studies and full time work, without the travel he has been able to be consistent for long periods and I couldn’t be happier to see him back in really good shape.

Keep an eye out for Darren on the gym floor as he quietly goes about his business, he is on a mission to better himself in and out of the gym and nothing will get in his way!

Couldn’t be happier for you mate, great to see you getting some great results in the gym and with your studies.

Looking forward to taking things up to another level with our Unstoppably Fit 30 Day Intensive. Game on!

Written by Darren Bain

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