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Legendary Clients of the Month – March

Congratulations to Martin & Jess Lackner!

CONGRATULATIONS to this pocket rocket couple. They  can be seen pushing themselves to the brink of exhaustion in the classes and only leaving enough energy to smile, laugh and give a few high fives on the way out.

They have been training consistently for months and they’ve had some fantastic results. Both over coming injuries and both gaining strength to transform their mind and body. When they’re not in the classes you’ll often find them lifting together with a few other members in small groups on the gym floor.

I asked them two things – what do you love about FW and why do you keeping coming back every day?

“I love the intensity of the classes. It allows me to push my body to the limit, and there is nothing better than seeing the transformation your body can make. I also value the team at Function Well and how personable everyone is” – Jess.

“What motivates me is my other half, as well as the adrenaline and the way it makes me feel. Having a high pressured job, I need to be energised/strong in my body and mentally prepared for the day. Fitness is part of our lifestyle, so getting up every morning is easy” – Jess.

“Apart from seeing your (Mark’s) handsome face every morning it would be the facilities, I like the big open feel of the gym and the morning crew who just get in and get stuck into it and get their training done” – Marty.

They understand that the three pillars of movement, nutrition and restoration will lead them towards a greater health and well being and continue to engage in the Function Well community so congratulations again Team Lackner.

For further assistances in your health and fitness goals please do not hesitate to contact me.

Written by Performance Coach Mark Vaiao

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