Change is all about the right timing.  This is a concept I’ve learned to appreciate in my time as a coach here at Function Well. We coaches can attest to the highs and lows that we see our clients move through in their pursuit to affect positive changes. Our client of the month, Lou has always trained hard in the gym. I’ve put her (and the rest of the crew) through some truly harrowing sessions and that translates to how she trains on her own. Her progress would fluctuate over our time together and I felt I needed to do more to keep her momentum going.

What I’ve come to recognize as a coach is that I can train each client with a similar intensity, and provide him or her with similar tools to succeed but it is really about them hitting a tipping point. This point came for Lou due to some increasing issues with her knee. This event sparked a fire in her that hasn’t extinguished and I honestly don’t think it ever will. Since that time she has lost thirty kilograms, all the while working around her knee pain. She has worked so hard to get to this place and I’m so immensely proud of her.

Written by Performance Coach Nathan Barrett

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