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Legendary Client of the Month – December

Congratulations to Alex Makausas and Dom Garza!

When I first caught up with Alex and Dom the only goal I could get out of them both was that they just wanted to be consistent with their training. It’s easy to set a goal of exercising 5 times a week but following through is always the difficult part. This dynamic duo have absolutely nailed it.

They weren’t worried about anything else aside from making exercise a part of their lifestyle and since then they have been on fire. Every week without fail they have stuck to their programs, not only showing discipline with consistency but also making huge improvements in strength (both lifting over 3 figures in squats).

It’s honestly a pleasure training Dom & Alex as they always work hard and are keen to learn why they are doing various styles of training. They have worked out which training style they enjoy the most which allows them to enjoy every session a whole lot more.

I look forward to seeing these guys continue to thrive at Function Well and improve their overall quality of life because of the effort they are putting into bettering their health.

Written by Performance Coach Lachlan Stuart

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