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Legend of the Month – August

Congratulations to our August Legend of the Month – Denise Golding!

Denise is a happily married, mother of 3, small business owner and like many people, has a thousand things on the go from dusk till dawn.

I first met Denise just over a year ago through a referral from a mutual client and friend. She was looking for results so we discussed many things and I recommended we start with just a few lifestyle changes. We slowly worked on her nutrition, mobility and strength. Over the last 12 months Denise has created a lifestyle that has her health and fitness going from strength to strength. Denise has balance back in her life and has achieved some awesome results along the way.

Denise struggled with air squats and now sits in the deep squat position for days. She struggled with back pain but now can deadlift 70kg for 3 reps.

Denise’s strength, mobility and body composition have all changed but her real strength is in her mindset. She never holds back and loves any challenge I give her. I have always stated that once you transform your mind, the body will follow. Denise is a perfect example of that!

Denise, take a bow, you’re a legend every day but this month everyone will know a little more about you. Well done!

Written by Performance Coach Mark Vaiao

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