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Legendary Client of the Month – January

Congratulations to Phil Bamber!

My time with Phil began in early July this year when he approached me on a mission to turn his Health and Fitness completely around. Driven by the wonderful news of a newborn baby on the way with his partner Emma, it was time for some change! Fast forwarding to what is now a very quick 6 months later, I am very proud to announce that Phil is down an astonishing 20kgs of body weight, is fitter, stronger and healthier than ever before and is a truly deserving winner of January’s Legendary Client of the Month.

Phil is an absolute pleasure to train, he attacks each workout with extreme intensity, never complains and is always carrying a smile. Most Importantly, he doesn’t make any excuses when it comes to getting the job done, and is one of the main reasons why he has been able to be so successful with his weight loss mission. Juggling a busy fly-in-fly-out work schedule, often finding himself in rural areas with minimal gym equipment or access to fresh food, Phil makes sure he still gets a workout in whether its with a TRX, a park bench or just his body weight and always has his overnight protein oats packed!

Phil is a changed man and I have no doubt that there are more results to come. It was only this week that he messaged me saying “I am bringing in a couple of mates to Saturday HIIT as our Christmas catchup instead of getting on the beers”.

Massive congratulations to Phil for being Function Well’s January Client of the Month, it has been a pleasure to be apart of the journey with you and I’m looking forward to more tin shifting and kilo shedding in 2019.

Written by Performance Coach Sam Butterworth 


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