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Featured Class: Vinyasa Flow

This month, our featured Restoration Zone class is… Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a great class for both beginner yogis and those wishing to really advance their practice.

“Vinyasa” is the Sanskrit word for the motion of changing between two poses. “Flow” refers to a sequence of movements practiced in repetition, to the tempo of one’s breath.

Elements of dance and moving meditation are key components in the creative sequences of our Flow gatherings. Challenging yet empowering, this fluid form of Vinyasa yoga seeks a graceful succession of particular asanas synchronised with the beat of your inhalation.

What our instructors have to say about Vinyasa Flow:

Michelle practices a weekly “Friday Flow” at home, as well as teaching our Tuesday Vinyasa Flow Class. Here is some of her wisdom and the reason she loves to teach Flow:

“I enjoy challenging my students physically but more over offering them mental challenges to think about. Especially when we do things differently, the internal dialogue goes off the charts. ⠀

Our yoga practice can become habitual, we get use to moving in a certain way, in a direction or certain transitions. We stop thinking and the asanas become shapes that we mindlessly pull off. Remember habits don’t lead to growth, bad habits can inhibit progression and induce ignorance. The moment we feel resistance, when we’re like a stunned possum, those could be our light bulb moments. If we take a chance to reflect on them they will inflict change.”

Vinyasa Flow is currently offered on the following days:

Monday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Tuesday, 5:45am – 6:45am

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