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EMPOWERED – Brisbane – with Glenn & Alyssa Azar

EMPOWERED is a show aimed to motivate, inspire and empower you through the story of one young girls dream to climb Mt Everest and her fathers ability to empower her to chase that dream.

Alyssa will tell her story of becoming the youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest from the time she made the decision and then take you through the highs and the lows, the challenges and the triumphs and everything in between. She will talk about her training, her mindset and explain the best ways to set goals and then how to go about achieving them.

Glenn will discuss the mindset tools that he focused on equipping Alyssa with from a very young age. The best part is that he will give you the tools to set your own goals and talk you through how to achieve them.

This isn’t just a sit and listen event. The goal is to empower you. To give you the tools to set your goals. To give you the strategies to increase your self-confidence and self-belief to achieve massive goals, small goals, any goals at all.

If you’ve ever felt stuck and unsure how to get out of that funk then this is the event for you.

Maybe you’re doing really well in life but there’s a little niggling thought there and you want to explore that but your unsure how?

This event would be perfect to bring your teenager as well.

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