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As we work through the various stages of being able to reopen and bring us all back together, this page will serve as our communication platform to keep you up to date on our plans.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through this challenging period together.

We will be constantly reviewing, fine-tuning and updating this page – so you can check back here at any time.


The Queensland Government has given the green-light for us to once again provide our full offering, effective 12 noon today 3 July 2020.

Over the last several months we have been working tirelessly to deliver a comprehensive plan throughout each stage of the COVID journey. We are relieved to be at the final stage where we can finally get back to being able to 100% focus on your results, our amazing community and providing you with our unrivalled holistic offering.

Over the coming months, we will be launching some exciting initiatives and programs all designed to reinvigorate your health and fitness. A couple of those initiatives already launched is our NEW Human Optimisation Room (not fully complete, more biohacking tools to come) and Infrared Sauna as part of our Restoration Zone upgrades along with new equipment and management team for our Athletic Zone.

Please rest assured we will continue to diligently provide a clean, healthy and safe environment. For further details please refer to our comprehensive health and safety plan below.


  • 24/7 access now available
  • No booking required for Open Gym (gym floor and Athletic Zone)
  • A friendly reminder Function Well is a member-only facility, please swipe your access tag upon arrival to ALL zones; front desk, Restoration Zone, Athletic Zone and 24/7 access doors (no tailgating) and all guests MUST check-in at reception upon arrival.


  • Class bookings are essential for ALL classes in Gym Zone, Athletic Zone and Restoration Zone. Swiping upon entry will automatically check you in for your selected class.
  • The number of participants per class has increased.
  • As a courtesy to fellow members, only book classes you intend on attending or remove yourself well in advance to enable others to attend the class.
  • Boxing and Strength and Conditioning classes back on the timetable from 13th July
    Class bookings are available once again via the Function Well App or Timetable.

Our message

From the outset of COVID on the day we were required to close was “it is — as it has always been and always will be — our mission to further your health; physically, mentally and socially. This will never waiver, regardless of the circumstances”.

Now that we can pretty much get back to business as normal, as a team we are more committed than ever to be there for you as we welcome you back to The Function Well Way.

Thank you to our amazing community for your support, words of encouragement and faith during what has been an incredibly challenging period. We’re glad to be back and be able to repay the faith.

Yours in Wellness,
Darren, Tash and the FW Team.

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