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Legendary Client of the Month – July

Congratulations to our July Client of the Month – Simon Butterworth!

As a coach there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your clients progress and reach their health and fitness goals. What’s even more special is when you share the experience with your very own father and you can see firsthand the positive impact you have on them, and just how much their life has changed.

My very first client and with very little motivation other than to show support for my new career venture, Simon first started with me as I began my Personal Training business just over 3 years ago. In his very first 12 weeks of training, it was game on, and after 25 years of quite a sedentary lifestyle, Simon lost an astounding 10 kilos. For what he didn’t know at the time was that it was the beginning of a complete turn in lifestyle and some amazing results to continue.

Fast forward three years and Simon is now fully embracing a healthy change with some incredible results in both strength and body composition. Since starting at Function Well, he is down 10% in body fat contributing to 13kgs of total body weight loss, not to mention some serious slabs of muscle mass added to the frame. From struggling to lift himself off the bed, to body weight benches and triple digit deadlifts as a standard week of training, if you were to tell Simon three years ago where he would be with his health and fitness now I’m sure he wouldn’t believe you.

Simon is proof that age is no barrier when it comes to making a positive lifestyle change and that having passion and striving for consistent progress is the perfect formula for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Dad, I am super proud of your results so far and the dedication and passion you now show towards training. I know that there is still plenty more to come and look forward to seeing you go from strength to strength in the future.

Written by Performance Coach Sam Butterworth

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