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Brisbane Womens Day

A day for women from all around Brisbane to come together for an educational, community and fitness experience.

Presentation topics include:

  1. How to train around your menstrual cycle (including menopause), avoid injury and plan your nutrition to feel your best.
  2. Your pelvic floor and the weightlifting benefits for all women.
  3. Body image, genetics and the importance of community support.
  4. Bra fitting as presented by lululemon.
  5. Mental strength in training and it’s applicability to everyday life.

A team workout will be run in the last 30 minutes of the day, followed by free champagne provided by lululemon and pre-ordered Nourish Meals provided by Wilde Kitchen. 


Sat 16 June 2018

08:30 – 11:30

Open to members and non members.

For More Information and Tickets:

“Attending Brisbane Women’s Day was enlightening, liberating, empowering and encouraging. This day addressed the important issues women face when training – topics that are often not talked about or discussed by a majority of coaches & PT’s. Ellie explained reasons for some “unexplained differences” in my performance, answered my “why” questions and enabled many “ah ha” moments. Her depth of knowledge, experience & understanding of women in sport is second to none. You can’t help but get swept up in the passion she has for empowering & educating women to be the best version of themselves” – Julie

“After many years of confusion with hormones and the role they play in fitness journey, Ellie managed to clearly explain it in 1 workshop! I’m excited that I can really start to fine tune my training and mental health as a result of this knowledge” – Lara

“I was thoroughly impressed with the wealth of knowledge and valuable information that was provided. To have a workshop directly aimed at females and how training and healthy eating effects our body was innovative and so relevant that I left at the end of the day feeling inspired” – Angela

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