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BISIW..this Summer Benchmarking


There’s no time like the present to take your health, energy levels, sleep quality, body composition, strength and performance to the next level.

During the ‘BISIW….this Summer’ we will be using the Whole 30 as our nutrition program and a strength biased program as the main training protocol.

The upcoming 30 days is about raising the bar, relative to your current fitness level and stage of readiness for change. Absolutely anyone regardless of age, gender, fitness level and experience will benefit from the ‘BISIW…this Summer’ program.

The combination of the whole 30 and the training schedule is a serious formula for success. Are you ready to get in the best shape and health of your life?


We ask that over the 30 days you commit to 5 sessions per week and train at a high intensity every single session. The ‘high intensity’ is relative to you and your current fitness level – the person that trains at high intensity 5 times per week, per month, per year (consistently) is going to get superior results compared to the person that trains at high intensity 2 out of the 5 sessions each week, each month, each year.

This means selecting loads that are going to challenge you to get stronger, and pushing yourself to increase your work capacity each and every session. To help you do this we recommend MYZONE and have set up a MYZONE challenge as part of the ‘BISIW..this Summer’ program.




To ensure the outcome you desire from the ‘BISIW…this Summer’ program is achieved and to evaluate the effectiveness of the nutrition and training protocols, we will be testing from the outset and on completion:

  • Body Composition with the Inbody 570
  • Strength – scaled to your current experience level
  • Baseline Conditioning.

The programs and testing options listed below are to be completed only if you are healthy and injury free. If you are unsure of  any of the fitness testing protocols featured below speak to a coach.

Strength Testing

The strength testing used will be the CrossFit Total. The CrossFit total is the sum of the three most effective lifts in the gym to develop and test functional strength; the squat, the press and the dead lift.

Who Can Complete the CrossFit Total Testing?

These lifts are safe to perform providing you have a high level of proficiency – this means that these movements are not new to you and you can execute each lift with form perfection. If you are not sure of what weight you could lift for a triple (3 times maximum), this indicates you do not have the experience to complete the total and you will be better served to complete the scaled Strength Testing options below.

Click here for full details on the CrossFit Total.

Strength Testing Scaled Option 1

BB Squat x 6RM

Pull-Up x Max

OH Press x 6

Strength Testing Scaled Option 2

Goblet Squat

Banded Pull-up or Ring Row Max

Push-Up max

Conditioning Testing

Test 1: 4 min O’Neill Test

The O’Neill test is a simple and reliable test of aerobic fitness

Cardiovascular/Respiratory Function – the ability of body systems to gather, process, and deliver oxygen.

Full details on this test will be provided at the seminar on the 11th October.

Test 2: Anaerobic Power

60s all out effort @ 100% on the rower.

1 = Meters Rowed

2= Average watts divided by weight = score

Average watts =

Your weight =

Score =

Test 3: Benchmark WOD Chelsea.

Every minute on the minute for 30min, complete 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats. If you fail to finish within the minute, complete as many rounds as possible in the time remaining.

Training Schedule


We suggest 3 strength biased sessions per week with 2 conditioning classes of your choice; Met Con, HIIT Spin, HIIT Combo, Ultimate Allrounder, HIIT Airdyne, Boxing

Below is an example training week, feel free to change the days you do what, to suit your schedule

Mon: Conditioning Class

Tues: Strength biased session

Wed: Yoga

Thurs: Strength session

Fri: Rest day

Sat: Conditioning Class

Sun: Strength biased session

If all of the above seems confusing, don’t panic we will be breaking this down for you at the seminar and have some handy videos for you once the program commences.

Click here for full details on our Because I said I would….this Summer Program.


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