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Are Your Hormones Holding You Back?

Are your hormones or lack there of holding you back?

Elevated estrogen can cause health and performance problems in both men and women.  For men, it’s not only the elevation in estrogen, but it’s because that elevation also comes at the expense of  our valuable testosterone via aromatase conversion.

The best way to put it for you males is if you’ve lost your “mojo” it can be only one thing: Testosterone. If your testosterone is low,  you’ll have a hard time putting on muscle, losing fat, low libido, depression, fatigue and a poor memory. You won’t feel like a man should: virile and vigorous.The problem is when testosterone decreases, oestrogen (the female hormone) increases which means hello man boobs, increased body fat, less muscle and increased risk of prostate cancer.

For women, there can be all sorts of hormone-related issues which range from endometriosis to various cancers to Uniquely Distinct Behavioral Changes
One of the ways estrogen becomes abnormally elevated is through aromatase activity.

Establishing your hormonal status is an important step in the treatment process of Menopause.

Other important hormones for males and females to test are DHEA, the anti aging hormone and cortisol the stress hormone. It is a very important hormone to manage, commonly referred to as the stress hormone. When it is too high it causes fat gain, insomnia and sugar cravings, it can prevent muscle building as it reduces testosterone levels

This creates a picture of your current Cortisol, Oestrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone balance. This test is run in the case if adrenal fatigue, muscle wasting, infertility and menopausal problems.

Other tests of naturopaths conduct include:

Thyroid testing, liver function tests, neurotransmitter tests, heavy metal tests, mineral/vitamin status, leaky gut and more depending on your symptoms.


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