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Are You Ready to Ignite Your Training?

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Can you handle the HEAT with Performance Coach Mark Vaiao?

Have you been feeling unmotivated and keep telling yourself “I’ll get back into it Monday” but you never do, or are you just looking for that x factor to move your training to the next level? Then the wait is over! It’s time to reignite the desire and roll up the sleeves with some old fashion hard work, motivation, support and accountability.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete, a tradie on the tools, a pencil pusher behind a desk or a parent of 4, we all need motivation and accountability. This program will have a demanding weights schedule, social support and accountability through the revamped MYZONE tracking your efforts during your own scheduled sessions and our weekly group BOOTCAMP session.

Program Overview

There’s a lot of exercises that come and go in the fitness world and then there are some that stand the test of time. There’s a simple reason why, they get results. There’s no “secret program”, however there are some simple methods (simple doesn’t mean easy) that form the basis of any good fitness program designed to improve body composition. Multi joint movements, with short rest intervals and higher reps are common in fat loss programs because they lead to increased production of lactate, an increase in lactate leads to Growth Hormone which is a fat blasting hormone.

A great program popularised by Charles Poliquin is German Body Composition Program, or GBC for short. The Ignite program you will be following over the 4 weeks will have a heavy GBC influence.

MYZONE allows you to track both your own and other friend’s progress, set a personal and group goal to create a competitive atmosphere and stay motivated!

You’ll have 3 lifting days, 2 conditioning sessions which can incorporate the group training classes and 1 weekly Private Group Coaching Session! Ouch!

The program structure is designed to provide an all-round level of fitness resulting in better health and body composition (look better naked). If you would like any assistance going through the program or if you have any injuries I suggest booking in with myself or one of the coaches.

  • 4 Week GBC Program
  • Weekly Private Group Coaching Session
  • Myzone Challenge = ACCOUNTABILITY
  • Discounted Inbody Assessment


COST: $80

*MYZONE belts not included. A MYZONE belt is required to participate in the program and can be purchased form reception for $135 (limited remain at this price).

3 on 1 Coaching Special Offer

If you feel you need additional support and help going through the programs and addressing the factors outside of the workout, I have some limited spaces for 3 on 1 sessions over the 4 weeks. Ignite rate will be $50 per session, per person paid upfront for the 4 weeks.

* Please note small group training are only 3 per group and valid to available times with coach.

For more information or to register, please contact Mark Vaiao on 0431407007 or

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