Get ready to get in the best shape of your life.

This challenge is unlike any fitness program you may have seen or tried before.

The Function Well Ultimate Body 8 Week Challenge has helped 1000′s of real people, just like you, achieve extraordinary body and health transformations along with an elite level of fitness they never thought possible.

The program philosophy is based on the ancient Chinese ideals of Yin and Yang, a harmonious co-existence of tangible dualities: darkness and light, hot and cold, happy, sad – you can’t have one without the other to appreciate it.

Stress is of epidemic proportions in todays world, having a major impact on our health and body composition. For this reason a fitness program that doesn’t incorporate a holistic approach Yin and Yang is not sustainable or balanced for many people.

The Ultimate Body Program will teach you how to “stress less”, regenerate and restore balance to have you performing at your peak in all aspects of life!


The challenge is a comprehensive program based on our 3 key pillars to move you away from disease and illness and towards SUPER FITNESS.



What is Super Fitness?

We define super fitness as a sound mind, body and spirit, requiring interaction of lifestyle, nutrition, supplementation, and exercise balance to change.

Our program is based on improved performance first and foremost.


For many the sole focus is on the scales and what we look like in the mirror. The Ultimate Body approach is to focus on improving performance.

With this approach your training has more purpose, is more fun and motivating. When you are constantly improving each week, learning new skills and ultimately getting to an elite fitness standard, where you can kick up into a free standing handstand, complete muscle ups, deadlift 2 x your bodyweight, have the flexibility to bend over with both palms flat on the ground and much more…….you are ready for any fitness task life throws your way, life is simply better!

As a by product with your elite level of fitness you will achieve an athletic physique and significant health improvement

The Ultimate Body program is so much more than just another “weight loss challenge”.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect to achieve a level of health and fitness you never thought possible.

This system works for men and women of all ages, regardless of fitness level or size, whether or not you have tried in the past and failed.

The Ultimate Body platform has a training program and nutrition strategy for your unique physiology, enabling you to individualise the ultimate body system to your body type, hormonal profile and goals; weight loss, muscle gain or elite fitness.

The benefits you will receive from this program go way beyond the gym floor:

  • Improved Energy
  • Improved Digestion and Gut Health
  • Stronger, Leaner & Dramatically Healthier
  • A Higher Level in ALL Aspects of Life
  • Improved Mobility
  • Clearer Skin
  • Athletic Physique & Level of Fitness
  • Increased Happiness

What’s included?

The Function Well Ultimate Body 8 Week Challenge includes a points system to reward effort and compliance to the program.

The points system keeps you on track with all elements to the program and provides a bit of fun along the way.

There are three online seminars to kick off the program:

  • Mindset – strengthening your mind is the most important reps you can do
  • Nutrition – the foundation of any good fitness program.
  • Movement – our bodies are designed to move.  Without movement all sorts of physical and mental health diseases can become present.
  • Restoration – managing the other 23 hours of the day.

Full list of inclusions

  • Exclusive Membership Site – with every aspect of wellness you need to know and do, to be better. With new information constantly being added!
  • Daily Training Programs – For your specific goals (fat loss, muscle gain, elite fitness), with instructional videos that are easy to follow.
  • Advanced Nutrition Protocols – 7 Day Detox, supplementation and nutrition plans for your unique physiology.
  • Mind & Restoration Methods – To perform at a higher level we need to look beyond just training hard. Using ancient meditation and recovery protocols that have stood the test of time for a reason.
  • 2 x Inbody 570 Assessments at commencement and completion of challenge (Available only at Function Well)
  • Weekly Benchmark Sessions – What you wish to improve must be measured. These sessions are for you to complete each week testing the 3 key components of fitness; Mobility, Strength & Conditioning.
  • Weekly Motivation, Education & Encouragement Email – Each week in your inbox you will receive an email to keep you on track towards your goals along with our Podcast of the Week
  • Supplementation Protocols – To fill in the voids and provide a dramatic improvement to your health, energy and results.
  • Video Tutorials – For your mobility circuits, exercises and progressions for the more advanced movements.
  • NEW Information – We are regularly adding new content to the platform

Take action today and tomorrow there is no more guess work, you’ll know exactly how to fuel your body, think and move to be at your absolute BEST in every aspect of life!

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 Do you have to be a Function Well Member? No, the  program is available for anyone, anywhere in the world to benefit from. 

Non Members: $199

Function Well Members: $99.

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