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No Gym, No Worries – We’ve got you covered over the holidays.

No gym? No worries! The sessions below are the perfect holiday travel companion. Each workout is short, sharp, requires little equipment and provides HUGE metabolic stimulus. So, even if you find yourself piling your plate high with Christmas treats, you’ll keep the waistline in order! The workouts featured include a weights vest, suspension strength system and an ab wheel- we have all of these items available at fw at massively discounted prices. We’ve based our programs around these particular pieces of equipment because they are compact and easy to pack into your suitcase and take with you. Most of the workouts can be modified to be done with no equipment if need be. So, we’ve got your training covered! It is more than likely that you’re going to let your hair down over Christmas and New Years so to maintain those results you have worked hard for all year, follow Darren’s Top 5 Festive Season tips. Come the New Year, you’ll be grateful you stayed active and implemented the 5 festive season tips. Most of the below workouts use a weight vest-they can be done without the vest- it just increases the challenge! Here’s a demonstration video we’ve put together which shows you how to correctly perform all the exercises used in the 5 workouts: You can also view our Bracing Sequence and Points of Performance here.

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