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    Function Well Movie Night for a Cause

    Events (Upcoming) | October 29, 2013

        Function Well Member Erin Truscott is riding for an excellent cause. Erin is going to Thailand in January to ride with th [...]

  • Events (Upcoming)

    The Great Gather and Hunt

    Events (Upcoming) | October 23, 2013

    We all know that a primal lifestyle can help to promote health and longevity as it advocates eating, moving, and behaving in the manner [...]

  • Events (Upcoming)


    Events (Upcoming) | August 21, 2013

    Happy Birthday to us! Time flies when you are having fun – We’ve been at our amazing new facility for one whole year! There [...]

  • Events (Upcoming)

    Improve your All Round Results with Power Yoga

    Events (Upcoming) | August 19, 2013

    4 Week Power Yoga Program is Coming to fw   If you are you the type of person that struggles to get through traditional yoga, you [...]

  • Events (Upcoming)

    The Invincible Woman-Workshop

    Events (Upcoming) | August 1, 2013

    “The human body and what it is capable of is amazing! Often it’s the mind, not the body, that holds you back from achieving greatne [...]

  • Events (Upcoming)

    Women’s -Only Workshop: Defeating self-sabotage

    Events (Upcoming) | July 30, 2013

    Is your health and fitness journey more like a roller coaster ride? Are you frustrated with your progress? You’re committed and you [...]

  • Events (Upcoming)

    Damian Kristof is Bringing the Power of Food to function well

    Events (Upcoming) | July 5, 2013

    We’re very excited to have Dr Damian Kristof running his ‘Power of Food Seminar here at function well. Damian is a chiropra [...]

  • Events (Upcoming)

    6 Week Tough Mudder Prep Program

    Events (Upcoming) | July 1, 2013

    BE PREPARED Due to our successful prep program for the recent Spartan race in which our function well team placed 6th overall, with a t [...]

  • Events (Upcoming)

    function well festival

    Events (Upcoming) | June 18, 2013

    Saturday, 6th July Get out your calendars lace up your shoes, our very first Function Well Festival is slated to take place on July 6th [...]

  • Events (Upcoming)

    Target 2000 for Stanley

    Events (Upcoming) | May 29, 2013

    Our amazing members/now celebrities  Sheppard are behind a very worthwhile cause to raise much needed funds for  Stanley who is a 7- [...]

  • Events (Upcoming)

    Function Well Winter Challenge

    Events (Upcoming) | May 29, 2013

    Winter usually means a lot of extra calories (pasta anyone?) and a lot less exercise. Essentially, we go into health hibernation. But w [...]

  • Events (Upcoming)

    Spartan Prep Course

    Events (Upcoming) | April 12, 2013

    BE PREPARED   You have done Tough Mudder? Pfft that was a piece of cake for you! You blitzed it and still had more in the tank. Su [...]

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