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Body Composition Vs Weight Loss


By Darren Bain

Don’t Be So Obsessed With The Scales!!!

You shouldn’t be focusing on what the scales read if you’re on a quest to have more muscle and less fat aka ‘toned’. Yeah sure if you’re carrying too much fat initially thescales will give you an indication that you’re dropping body fat, but being a function well member you’re training bloody hard in the weights division to put on lean muscle which is the only way to enhance your physique and help you burn more fat throughout every second of the day, so it’s important we take into consideration you are putting on muscle.

Essentially if you’re on a quest to improve your physique/improved body composition which lets be honest that’s what everyone wants to achieve by training it’s imperative you understand body composition (how much muscle and how much fat you have) rather than using the scales as your primary source of tracking your progress.

Let’s say for example you put on 3kgs of muscle and lose 3kgs of body fat the scales would read you haven’t ‘changed’ and you would be disappointed. What baffles me a lot of the time is a client or member is disappointed because the scales haven’t changed significantly but they’ve gone down 2 clothes sizes, but for some reason ladies in particular are obsessed with what the scales read.

Now if we stick with the example of 3kg loss of fat and 3kg gain of muscle of course your body shape/body composition is changing for the better by putting muscle on and losing fat, here’s why; 1kg of fat takes up more room on the body than 1 kg of muscle, meaning muscle is more dense and takes up less space on the body than what fat does, so naturally if you lose 3kg of fat and put on 3kg of muscle you are going to have an improved physique even though the scales read the same.

You must focus on doing girth measurements, and I strongly recommend getting your skin fold assessment (body composition) done every 4-6 weeks for a more accurate measurement of your progress. If you would like this done see Dan or myself, cost is $20.

Summing Up

At the end of the day you won’t need me to tell you whether or not your training and nutrition plan is working if your clothes are fitting better.

Don’t worry about what the scales read go by how your clothes are fitting and what your skin folds are.

Now I know ladies you are still going to weigh yourself which is fine, I recommend to do that, just don’t be obsessed with the scales. I should note particularly with females your bodyweight can change daily due to fluid retention and other factors so weigh yourself once a week at the exact same time – yes that’s right ONCE A WEEK!

At the end of the day regardless of what the scales read, if you can get back in those favourite pair of “skinny jeans” would you be happy? Of course, so let’s focus on sticking to the plan and not reading so much into the scales. You’ll be glad you did.

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