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Recipe of the Month – November

Summer Seafood Salad




1 packet of noodles (I used a Bean Thread Noodle. It’s light on the digestion, though nourishing. These are a great option for those following a gluten free, dairy free and grain free eating style)

1 Red Onion, thinly sliced

1kg Medium Ocean Prawns, peeled

½ cup Kalamata Olives

½ cup Dry Roasted Peanuts

1 Mango, diced

½ cup Dry Roasted Cashews, textured

1 bunch, Coriander Leaves

2 Tomatoes, diced


¼ cup Coconut Milk

2 Limes, zest and juice

½ Red Chilli, diced (with seeds)

2 tblsp Tahini

1 bunch, Coriander Root, finely diced

Salt & Pepper

Always Bring Your Joy and Passion to Create 


Place noodles in heat proof bowl and pour enough boiling water to cover, toss and allow to stand for approx. 2 minutes. Just long enough to soften the noodles, then strain and I actually cut them roughly with the kitchen scissors. Makes it easy for eating! In the other bowl combine drained olives, red onion, mango, prawns, toasted nuts and coriander. Once noodles are strained and cooled combine with remaining salad ingredients and toss. I topped mine with a little handful of the nuts, you could also use coriander for this.


In a small bowl combine all ingredients and stir really well. I do much ‘tasting’ to get the balance of this dressing just how we like it. That’s the benefit… customise it to your taste buds. My limes were really juicy and we love that hit of citrus. So just play with the taste and consistency. Once you’re happy with it, pour over the salad and toss well. I always make a little extra so people can add more if they choose…Enjoy  Note…by the term ‘textured’, I mean some whole, some smashed etc. I do this by popping them into a snap-lock bag and using the back of the ice cream scoop…super easy! This is a great salad that we particularly enjoy throughout the Festive Season, though with the following of seasonal ingredients can be enjoyed at other times. Also great for leftovers the next day!


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