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Program of the Month – July

BENCH MORE TO BENCH MORE: Supersize your bench press strength in 4 weeks.

By Performance Coach Sam Butterworth


If you’re like myself and have been struggling to add kilos to your bench press strength for quite some time, then this program might be just what you need to get some heavier weight on the bar and take your performance in the gym to the next level.

As the title suggests, July’s program of the month is all about “benching more to bench more” and you are going to do just that!

Strength after all, is a skill and as the old saying goes: practice makes perfect. You will have three bench sessions a week focusing on three different elements – Strength, speed/power and hypertrophy. The premise is that you perform the bench press frequently, but by monitoring training load and managing recovery, never work to a point of exhaustion or overtraining! This enables the muscles and nervous system to learn the movement more efficiently due to more frequent stimulus, leading to increases in performance and strength!


Here’s how you might lay it out over your training week:

Remember, the focus is here is on increasing bench press strength, hence the frequency of upper body workouts. However that does not mean other aspects of your training have to take a back seat! Ensure adequate recovery utilizing the Restoration Zone and you will have no problem tying this program in with your training schedule.

Your three specific bench sessions are outlined below. Note the A1 series lift on each day and the different training parameters that coincide. This is the ‘meaty’ section of the program where you will be targeting specific elements of strength with the end goal of increasing Bench Press ability. This A1 lift is followed up by a series of assistance based movements looking at improving or maintaining structural balance with the increase is pressing, helping you get stronger and keeping the shoulders healthy! Along with your recovery, remember to also include adequate warm ups before each session, focusing on activating and releasing muscles of the chest / shoulder and upper back.





Please feel free to contact me or grab me on the gym floor if you have any questions about the above program!
Looking forward to seeing some serious bench press action in the club over the next four weeks!

By Performance Coach Sam Butterworth
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