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Program of the Month – August


Structural Balance Program 

Address your niggles and pains to get stronger, fitter and leaner.

This month I have put together a program to work on common weaknesses many of us have. These include shoulder, knee and core strength issues while also keeping some big compound movements to maintain our all round strength.

We all struggle with issues from sitting for prolonged periods and everyday life hazards on our body, this program is designed to correct some of those issues while still having big muscle movements and an element of conditioning at the end of the session to give you a good blow out.

You could look at this month as a remedial strength phase that will help you with your ongoing programming due to strengthening weak and often underutilized muscle groups.

Here’s how I suggest you lay out your training for the week and please take a rest when you think your body needs it:

Weekly TT

Unfamiliar with some of the exercises? No problem, YouTube the name of the exercise & Eric Cressey and you will find excellent video demonstrations on how to correctly perform the exercise. Some of the exercises will seem challenging at first but focus on technique and follow the program as best you can.





Don’t hesitate to contact me or grab me on the gym floor if you have any questions about the program. Happy to help!

By Performance Coach Brad Munro

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