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  • Legendary Client of the Month

    Client of the month – May

    Legendary Client of the Month | May 15, 2011

    Caroline Humbert Well what can I say about Caroline. She is one of the many successful 8 week challengers and was very very close to wi [...]

  • Program of the Month

    May 2011: Hypertrophy

    Program of the Month | May 4, 2011

    By Darren Bain This program is  for those members finishing the 8 week challenge and those recovering from our recent public holida [...]

  • Fat Loss and Health

    Biosignature Modulation The Most Effective Way to Reduce Body Fat and Improve Health

    Fat Loss and Health | April 29, 2011

    By Darren Bain   Where do I start in explaining Biosignature?. Dan and I learnt so much in one week it’s hard to  put all t [...]

  • Uncategorized

    Client of the month – April

    Uncategorized | April 15, 2011

    Jim Munro Anyone that comes in contact with Jim is aware of what a unique person he is. He is a guy at the gym that will have a laugh w [...]

  • Fat Loss and Health

    Have your Egg and Eat it Too!

    Fat Loss and Health | April 4, 2011

    This month Easter and the ANZAC day holiday period are among us. This is likely to equal time off from your usual fitness routine. When [...]

  • Recipes

    Thai Basil Lamb with Mint and Lemongrass

    Recipes | April 4, 2011

    Serves 4 Ingredients 1 tablespoon peanut oil 600g lamb fillet, fat trimmed, thinly sliced 1 garlic clove, finely chopped 1 stalk lemong [...]

  • Program of the Month

    April 2011: 4 Week Fat Loss Program

    Program of the Month | April 4, 2011

    By Darren Bain Many of you are at the end of your 8 week challenge. Well done! All I can say is whatever you do, don’t fall into the [...]

  • Fat Loss and Health

    Eating Fat Is Bloody Good For You!

    Fat Loss and Health | March 31, 2011

      By Darren Bain That’s right eating certain fats are good for you, not just good for you they are crucial for optimum body [...]

  • Legendary Client of the Month

    Client of the month – March

    Legendary Client of the Month | March 15, 2011

    Mark Victorsen This month’s client of the month goes to Mark “VICCO” Victorsen.  I have had the pleasure of training Vicco now f [...]

  • Recipes

    Chicken with Spicy Roasted Vegetable Salad

    Recipes | March 4, 2011

    Boost your daily veggie intake without compromising on taste. Serves 6 Ingredients 1 large sweet potato, peeled, cut into bite-size chu [...]

  • Training Programs and Advice

    March 2011: Decrease Injuries and Increase your Results

    Training Programs and Advice | March 4, 2011

    Posterior Chain (The back side of the body) and Single Leg Work     You may have seen me hobbling around the gym over the las [...]

  • Uncategorized

    Myofascial Release For Muscle Recovery And Function

    Uncategorized | February 15, 2011

    One of the most important things you should be doing is using the foam roller and or any of the self myofascial products that are avail [...]

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