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Legendary Client of the Month – September

Congratulations to our September Clients of the Month, Pat & Kim Williams!



Where do I start with these two statesmen of the gym!  I’ve had the honour of training these two for the past 4 years and they have been enduring members of the FW community long before that. While they have had some success in reaching their goals in the past, they were hampered by injuries and fluctuations in nutrition and training. However in the last year or so, they have been super consistent with their exercise routine and nutrition and have been smashing it!

What I love about these two is that no matter what challenges they have both faced in their training and life in general, they have always stayed strong to the cause and battled through. They totally understand training and nutrition can be challenging, but they see the value and the reward of their consistent work.  Many people don’t have the discipline or motivation to stick with exercise for a week let alone years and I am super proud to have contributed to their firm belief that exercise is an important part of their life.

Between them in the last year they have dropped over 10% of body fat and gained lean muscle, they are sleeping better and are feeling a lot better about themselves.

If we were giving out life memberships they would be my number one pick! Well done Team Williams ……. we are not there yet.

By Performance Coach Brad Munro

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