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Legendary Client of the Month – October

Congratulations to the October Client of the Month, Dimitri!



 Dimitri has been a Function Well member for over 4 years now and I have also had the pleasure of training him consistently for the entire time. He has been training regularly with me twice a week plus extra sessions every now and then. He never cancels; he is always on time and every single session he comes in with a ‘kick ass’ attitude. His work ethic is second to none, he is extremely diligent with all tasks given and gets the job done, he consistently puts in 100% effort with no complaints. Having such a busy and demanding career, his time is very limited; however, he has always made time for his health and training.

Within the last 6-10 weeks he has managed to drop between 10-15kgs of body fat without too many restrictions in regards to his nutritional intake. No fancy diet, no outrageous/excessive training protocols or numerous amounts of supplements each day. Simply by limiting his portion sizes of foods, consuming certain foods at the right times, putting in the hard yards when he is here at the gym and keeping all of this consistent, he has really started to take off in regards to his body composition results without going overboard and excessive.

It is now a lifestyle for him which he enjoys whilst still being able to socialize on weekends and live a well-balanced lifestyle. Dimitri is a true representation of how one can truly achieve great results in the gym whilst maintaining an enjoyable & well-balanced lifestyle.

Well done Dim! 


By Performance Coach Stephanie Franken

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