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Legendary Client of the Month – May

Congratulations to our May Clients of the Month – Marina Vit & Andrew Lingard!

If you’re ever in the gym early enough, you will notice this amazing power couple just going about their business quietly.

They may seem quiet but once we are in the thick of things during their session, they soon become vocal and are looking for the exit but thankfully they always stay and grind it out. As a happily married couple they train well together which is something I admire. They arrive, Andrew fills the water bottles and Marina gets the matts and rollers, they are always ready to tackle any session together. During the session Andrew sweats up a storm and Marina smiles through the pain, both encouraging each other throughout. Their results are testament to the absolute commitment they give each and every session. The couple that trains together… gets awesome results together!

Lets rewind back to the beginning. I first met Andrew and Marina through another coach who later moved on. We sat down and came up with a plan together. We spoke about everything that is important to them and set out some goals. From there we discussed nutrition and I emphasised the importance of consistency.

Not only do they motivate each other, they encourage others to better themselves. Marina organised lunch time group training sessions in the city for her colleagues which I now run twice a week. I’ve also had numerous other people in the gym comment on how their consistency, strength and fitness motivates them. They motivate others by simply being great versions of themselves.

This power couple comfortably trains 6 times a week.

  • 3 weekly coaching sessions focused on strength/power
  • 2 conditioning sessions
  • 1 outdoor Bootcamp training session

Since working together relentlessly over the last 2 years they both have dropped their body fat percentages, increased lean muscle mass, have become more confident and genuinely love their health and fitness. They are a pleasure to work with and always rise to the occasion as I set new boundaries mentally and physically during our sessions. When it comes to training they compromise on nothing and give it their all.

Congratulations Marina and Andrew you are my Legends of the Month. Your desire to better yourself through your health and fitness is second to none! You definitely embody the saying “Love the life you live & live the life you love”.

If you can handle the Heat, contact me for some serious results.

Written by Performance Coach Mark Vaiao
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