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Legendary Client of the Month – March

Congratulations to our March Client of the Month – Paul Pettigrew!

Paul Pettigrew. Remember this name. It’s not the last time you will hear about this man. He will feature again on legendary client of the month but it will be for going from where he is now to even more of a legendary status. Mark my words.

Paul’s story is too long to express through this so I hope to make a video/short film about him one day to explain everything because I cannot do it justice in this short tribute.

Ok, so, this gets a bit personal but Paul is happy for me to share his story given the progress he has made and the quality of life he now enjoys, and the fact that he is not just a great client, but also a great human being. When Paul started with me in late December 2015 he weighed approximately 208kg, he had two bung knees and a medical condition (which I was not aware of at the time). He was over worked (which is still the case but he now controls this better) and his nutrition was in need of some serious attention. He was waking numerous times during the night to go to the bathroom, which was killing his sleep patterns.

Sleep. This is one of the first things I nailed in on. When he started with me he was waking three times, at least a night and going to the bathroom. We implemented some simple strategies to improve his sleep and had immediate results. He now sleeps through at night and does not need to get up, thus improving his rest and recovery.

We started with very basic strength training two days a week and one limited metabolic session. This training changed from week to week depending on his energy and recovery also leading into his three operations. We have mainly concentrated on strength training and short rest between sets to get as much metabolic affect as we could.

Paul now weighs 121kg down approximately 86kg . He has had two successful knee operations and a medical procedure that helped his body work the way it should. His transformation, both physically and mentally this far has been remarkable. I can’t wait to start rehabbing his knees properly meaning we can look towards big compound movements and some real intense training.

I still believe Paul can make further improvements in his nutrition and training age but we are very much heading in the right direction and making sustainable lifestyle changes. Paul has his own goals in regards to getting back out on the water rowing (but this is a story for another day).

By all means I am just part of the jigsaw that has seen Paul achieve his awesome transformation. Mimi has been amazing as his physio and suggested that he see me for some training. Sam the naturopath gave great advice in all areas of health that Paul has successfully implemented. The doctors that conducted the surgeries have changed Paul’s life. But mostly it has been Paul himself who made it all happen.

Can’t wait to see what the future holds mate.

Written by Performance Coach Brad Munro
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