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Legendary Client of the Month – January

Congratulations to our January Client of the Month – Natalie Comas!


Natalie Comas, where can I start? Nat has achieved so much in this last year; I really don’t know where to begin. Not only has she dropped over 7% body fat, she also won this year’s 8 week challenge.

Yes it is always impressive and awesome to see someone lose that amount of body fat, to see them physically transform for the better. But it goes a lot deeper with Nat.

When she started with me she was very down/negative towards herself, she was at the point of burning out with how stressed she was with certain aspects of her life. More than once she wanted to stop her training, to give up but I wouldn’t let her, I was determined to make a positive change in this girls’ life because I knew if we could work together on getting through that mental blockage, we could completely turn her life around. And we did; she did!

The changes in Nat have been nothing short of amazing, inspirational & motivating for many others.

She now has such a huge glow & positive aura that surrounds her, she is like a completely different person.

I am very thankful & grateful to have Natalie as a client, and I am very excited on helping her achieve more & bigger goals in the New Year.

Congratulations girl 🙂

Written by Performance Coach Steph Franken

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