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Legendary Client of the Month – February

Congratulations to our February Client of the Month – Adam Arnott!


It’s always motivating when as a coach your own client makes you question just how much effort you are putting into your own training and that is exactly how I feel every time I step on the gym floor with Adam. Adam started training with myself at the beginning of the 8 Week Challenge back in 2016, and since then he has never ceased to amaze me at each session with the effort he puts into his training.

Although currently battling a few niggles, Adam is the perfect example of how you can still work towards your health and fitness goals even when rattled with a few aches and pains. His positive attitude every session, persistence to work around his injuries and ability to still attack each session with purpose is why Adam is a truly deserving recipient of February’s Legendary Client of the Month. From a heavy set of barbell squats to a dumbbell external rotation, Adam approaches it with intensity and is always up standing at the end with a smile on his face.

His commitment to all aspects of his health and fitness, from strength sessions to yin protocols, hours and hours under a barbell or on a foam roller each week, all whilst balancing a busy workload, is proof that all you require is a positive attitude and the will to change and you will achieve results.

Congratulations Adam, for receiving what is a well deserved Client of the Month Award this February. I am looking forward to seeing what you can achieve on the gym floor this year and beyond!

Written by Performance Coach Sam Butterworth

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