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Legendary Client of the Month – August



I have had the good fortune to train Maureen in some manner for over five years. Throughout these years Maureen has always loved triathlon, a sport that filters out the weak minded and takes competitors to places within themselves that most people dare not experience. Then there is an Ironman distance triathlon, an event that I can only assume is designed to test the deepest parts of the human spirit. In both 2013 and 2015 Mauzy completed such an event. It involved a 3.8 km swim, followed by an 180km bike, finishing with a marathon distance 42.2km run. Mauzy has a drive and determination that is rare in most people. The woman just keeps going! I’ve seen her send younger male gym goers to their knees trying to match her ability to repeat efforts on the Prowler. I have thrown some of the toughest workouts I’ve ever put together at this woman and she eats them up and loves it. It’s really a beautiful thing to behold. Married to this drive is a healthy level of stubbornness that has always made our time together colourful and hilarious.

This steely resolve has resulted in strength training and consistent nutrition often taking a back seat to triathlon training, despite my please to the contrary. It took me some time but after a couple of years I managed to get Maureen to add two strength sessions to her training week which had resulted in a more structurally balanced body, and better movement mechanics. Following this milestone I have continued to urge Maureen to improve her nutrition. I’ve written her meal plans and given her various guidelines over the years, but she always stuck to a classic endurance athlete’s high carb intake, which would satisfy her after long grueling workouts. It wasn’t until she decided to sign up for our recent Winter Weapon program that significant body composition changes have occurred. Maureen became more accountable for her own nutrition intake and the results have been so satisfying to see. In just over five weeks Maureen has dropped over 7 kilos of body fat and is in no danger of stopping. Her mood has improved, and she is moving even better than she was before. I can’t begin to tell her how proud I feel. I’m looking forward to the coming months to witness what this wonderful woman will continue to achieve.


By Performance Coach Nathan Barrett – 0400756318








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