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There are two wheels on the wellness bicycle. What happens when we leave one out? Well it’s like riding a unicycle. I don’t know if you’ve ever ridden a unicycle, but it’s definitely a less than optimal way of getting around. Tackling exercise without nutrition is also a less than optimal way to achieve your goals.

Wellness Bicycle

At Function Well, we take our role as wellness educators seriously. We want you, our valued members, to understand and appreciate the role of nutrition and its power to help you realise your fitness and wellness goals.


From time to time, we all need a helping hand. Maybe we’re out of cooking ideas, bored of our usual go-to meals. Maybe we’re always left guessing about what are the best snacks and treats to choose- is this better than that? Sometimes we are going great guns with our exercise regime, but our nutrition leaves a little to be desired. Believe it or not, it happens to us too.


If this sounds like you, the time to refocus is NOW.
We’re hosting Shannon Cooper from My Food Religion and Sofie Van Kempen of Heal Your Gut. They’re going to be running 3 awesome cooking workshops and demonstrations, feeding you stacks of new nutrition and healthy eating ideas you can implement straight away.

Here’s Shannon to explain what they’ll be covering:



Happy Belly: Gut Health and Fermenting
June 21

Healthy Snacks And Treats
June 28

Batch Cook Like A Bad-Ass
July 5


Function Well


How much?
As we said, we value nutritional education so much, we are covering most of the cost of the workshops.
Normally $50 per person, as a Function Well member, you’ll pay just $15.


If you’re keen to come along, please register now through the links below:
Happy Belly Fermenting 
Snacks and Treats 
Batch Cook Like a Bad-Ass

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