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Function Well – Australia’s Most Personalised & Effective Training Facility.


At Function Well we want to do more than just provide a facility for you to train in.

Here at Function Well we’re not just a place where you have a membership. We feel strongly about health and fitness and what it can do to improve your quality of life, we want to make sure every member gets the most out of their training time with us. We provide a motivating, health conscious community environment to ensure what ever it is you do, you do it better. We guarantee to provide the very latest scientifically proven training methods and nutrition to enhance your physique, energy and most importantly health.

At our facility we are Results Based Not Sales Based.

Our mission here is simple: To be Autralia’s most personalised & effective training facility. Setting the standard in the way gym memberships should be done!

We want to help every members body ‘function well’– because we know when you’re healthy and fit it improves every other aspect of your life.

We are not like most gyms nor do we want to be – we are a ‘Personalised Health & Fitness  Centre’. We know that there is much more to improving your health than just exercise, that’s why we are the only gym in this area to offer all this and GUARANTEED RESULTS:

In a fun, friendly, welcoming, training environment 

GUARANTEED Results Induction Process:

All new members go through our induction process, the common feedback we get is “I learnt more through this induction process than I have my whole life of training in the gym”.

We know that when you join Function Well, your goals aren’t the same as the person joining next to you. We also know that the first 30 days of your experience with us is the most important in building or maintaining healthy habits! That’s why we offer 3 individually tailored member induction programs, based on where you are on your health and fitness journey.

Start your personalised health and fitness journey here.

All of this is valued at over $400, for new members all of this for only $167.

Our Core Values

  • Create a ‘WOW’ experience every visit!
  • Bring 100% all day everyday
  • Create a fun welcoming environment
  • Be the benchmark
  • Contribute, learn and grow
  • Be genuine and honest
  • Strive for profit through results.
  • Have passion and determination
  • Set Goals – Play a bigger game!
  • Choose your attitude – Be Positive

Our core values guide us in everything that we do -  We believe our core values shape function well, it’s not just about building a business,  it is and must be much more than that. 
Our success is built on PASSION and PURPOSE.

Everyday we strive to set a new standard in the way memberships are done, the poor level of service that’s on offer from a lot of gyms frustrates me; Inexperienced, under qualified personal trainers, group training programs that create dysfunction and ultimately injury and a business model that is focused on sales rather than results.

We believe without doubt that our facility is Australia’s most personalised and effective training facility; with our latest scientific training methods, knowledgeable and dedicated coaches and a facility and environment that is clean, friendly and welcoming.

An unrivalled  group training timetable  based on the Chinese philosophy of “YIN” & “YANG”.  YIN  is the “oil” that fuels the fire. In order to stay motivated you need plenty of oil and the more you have, the more YANG you can output.  YANG  is the “fire” which is your motivation to train, work hard and  things done in life.

Essentially, to make YANG (train hard) you need YIN (relaxation).

YANG group coaching sessions – metabolic conditioning, High Intensity Interval Training, Strongman/Strongwoman, boxing and Ultimate All-rounder, Les Mills Pump & Step.

These sessions will help achieve an improved physique & conditioning through the utilization of energy pathways that produce the greatest hormonal response conducive for fat loss.

YIN group classes – Yoga and Pilates.

Our group sessions are not solely based on what is most commercially viable; rather, it is structured around what is going to help YOU achieve maximum results through variety, fun and science.

Other specialist services include Performance Coaching, BioSignature Modulation, UPE 8 Week Challenge,specialist yoga courses and Healthy Preggies coming soon

Read through  our valued members testimonials to see why they love being part of the Function Well community.

We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you achieve an improved body composition & health

Yours in health & fitness

Darren & the function well team.

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Joining Function Well

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